Country Kids Child Care LLC

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Infant Care

The goal for infant care at Country Kids is to offer a nurturing and caring environment. It places importance on the belief that trust is built through positive, timely responses. Interaction and communication are key as your baby's first care giver. Structure, with the right amount of snuggles will provide an atmosphere for your baby to thrive in.

Toddler Care

We are here to support each child’s growth with hands-on experiences, to promote independence, a healthy self- concept, and a love for learning. Through developing fun and interesting curriculum with age appropriate standards and materials. A flexible curriculum is necessary to meet the goals of each toddler in our CKCC classroom community. The toddler room's educationally enriched environment is child-focused and places emphasis on learning through play. It is an expressive setting where every child is encouraged to learn and grow.

Preschool Care

Our preschool incorporates play-based learning. This approach cultivates a creative curriculum based on the interests and needs of your child. The teacher  will  assess and document the growth of your child in their own portfolio and continue to modify curriculum  that  adapts to their developmental changes, and prepares them to transition into kindergarten. Our commitment to the field of early childhood education and to your child will ensure success.